I was an only child. My father wanted our family home, and all it's contents, to pass to me upon his death. He went to the largest law firm in town, Norton Peskett, and instructed them to write his Will to accomplish this. The result was a catastrophe that has destroyed my life. Norton Peskett wrote my father's Will in a manner that allowed them to ignore his wishes. They then proceeded to loot our family home, taking or destroying not only property and financial assets belonging to my father, but also my own personal property that was in our house at the time. This website presents an open letter to Norton Peskett Solicitors, to ask them questions in front of a large audience on the Internet.

Questions put to Norton Peskett Solicitors from a Former Client

My father carefully prepared documents detailing his assets, the whereabouts of bank accounts, etc. Why did you gratuitously destroy these documents that were necessary for the administration of the estate, thus making estate administration so much more difficult? Your action has rendered some estate assets untraceable, lost forever because of your incompetence. Or did you destroy these documents deliberately? If so, what was your motive ?

Why did you tell me that I was not an executor, and that I had no control over my family home, the property left to me by my father in his Will, or indeed even my personal possessions at were in my family home at the time? You knew that my father had asked you to make me an executor of his estate, and indeed I was named as an executor in his Will. So why did you tell banks, building societies, unit trusts, brokerages, etc. that I was not an executor, and that they should ignore my instructions? Why did you tell Howards Estate Agents in Lowestoft that they should ignore my wishes for my family home, and only accept instructions from you? I told you repeatedly that I did not want you involved in the administration of my father's estate, and that I wished to administer his estate myself. So why did you defy my wishes? Why did you defy my late father's instructions given to you? Why do you sometimes assert that I am your client, and sometimes assert that I am not your client, as suits your purposes at that moment in time? Why did you assert that I was not your client when you wanted to defy my wishes, and ignore my desperate screams that you not destroy my most cherished possessions? Why did you destroy my most treasured possessions, hiring contractors to haul my possessions to the council dump like toxic waste. Why did you take money from the estate to pay for this destruction, thus forcing me to pay for the destruction of everything that mattered to me in this world? And why did you bill the estate twice for the same acts of destruction? Did you keep the money from the duplicate billing for yourselves? Why did you install a “caretaker” to protect my home from me? There is a clear paper trail showing that your “caretaker” sold items of my property at a local auction rooms, and retained the proceeds of the sales for himself. What part of a “caretaker”'s duty involves selling the property that they are taking care of, then retaining the proceeds for themselves? Why do you now refuse to cooperate in the criminal prosecution of your “caretaker”?

Explain why you held estate assets hostage, billing the estate exorbitant amounts of money for the time you spent fighting me, your own client? Why did you torture me, watching me scream in agony as you destroyed everything my family had worked so hard for for three generations, while you taunted me that every time I fought you to protect my property from you, you would bill the estate yet more for your efforts in fighting me, loot yet more of my father's estate?

My father gave you clear instructions that he wanted our family house, and all his other property, to pass to me upon his death. Explain why our house is lost forever, demolished, and all property contained in our house is gone. Not only items that comprised my father's estate, but also my own personal property, either destroyed, or sold with you and your accomplices retaining the proceeds for yourselves. What authority did you have to take my own personal property to which I had clear legal title? You are not executors of my estate, and I am not yet dead, so no executor would have authority to act.

How could you act with such brutality as to destroy our family photos, all that I had to remind me of my parents and my childhood memories? What was your motive for committing this callous act of deliberate psychological torture?

When I issued court proceedings against you, why did you refuse to answer in a court of law for your behaviour? Why did you hide using the cowardly technique of demanding security for costs to prevent the substantive case from being heard? Why did you destroy my home so that I had no home address to use when I issued court proceedings against you?

You have claimed on your website that you have a 98% satisfaction rate, which is many standard deviations higher than the national average (SRA 2008). An approval rate that high is very unlikely. You have also asserted on your site 10 testimonials from people that you claim to be your former clients, although you identify them only by the first letter of their last name. They all give your firm good Click Here for Popup View reviews. But are these testimonials genuine? Are they real people, or are they invented by yourselves? To speak plainly: Are you lying about those testimonials? A partner in your firm, Julian Robert Gibbons, has on numerous occasions been caught pretending to be fictitious former clients of your firm, and using those fake identities to give fake good reviews to your firm. He was caught doing this on Qype, Google Maps, Yelp, Cylex, and several other similar review sites. When exposed as lies, those reviews were removed. It is clear from the by-lines of articles on your website that Julian Robert Gibbons played a major role in the creation of content for your website. I have received feedback through my own website from a large number of your former clients. They all described having a very bad experience with Norton Peskett, no exceptions. For all these reasons I suspect that the testimonials on your website are not genuine. Will you arrange for these 10 alleged former clients that you quote on your site to contact me, provide proper identification to prove their real world identities, and tell me of their experiences with you? If they are genuine there should be no valid reason to refuse this test.

Investigation by the Advertising Standards Authority

Online advertising in the United Kingdom is regulated by the Advertising Standards Authority, ASA. The ASA investigated Norton Peskett's claim to have a 98% approval rating. They gave Norton Peskett an opportunity to produce evidence of these customer ratings, but Norton Peskett were unable to do so. Norton Peskett were unable to produce any letters from former customers containing the words that they had published on their website, and attributed to satisfied customers. Norton Peskett were unable to put ASA in contact with any real world people who would admit to giving those glowing testimonials. In order to avoid formal sanctions Norton Peskett removed these fraudulent claims from their website. These facts can be verified by visiting the ASA website. Just click on the ASA Logo to be taken there.

Retaliation by Norton Peskett Solicitors for the Creation of this Website

The Lowestoft Police have told me that Norton Peskett have filed a series of criminal complaints against me for harassing them. One of the police officers that talked to me on this mater said: “That’s all I hear nowadays: Norton Peskett”. Although there may be some rhetorical exaggeration in his comment, he was clearly telling me that Norton Peskett have filed many complaints about me. Recently Norton Peskett filed a criminal complaint alleging that a mass mailing of postcards was sent criticizing the quality of their service. Some of those postcards were received by partners and the CEO of Norton Peskett. Norton Peskett allege that these postcards are causing Robert Bryant, James Hartley and Julian Gibbons to feel harassed and intimidated. The Police have served a formal written warning upon me regarding this alleged mass mailing. The harassment warning is presented here for my readers to examine for themselves. The police have stated that if I continue to publish I face arrest and charges under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 (PHA1997). They have also stated verbally that they will resist bail, resulting in me being immediately remanded into prison. I will go to prison without trial for 3-6 months while waiting for a trial date to be set. Even if I am acquitted at trial I will still have served a substantial time in prison. And this process can of course be repeated as often as the police would like. I may of course be convicted at trial. PHA1997 is a very blunt instrument that has evolved way beyond its original intended purpose. It has become a tool of oppression, a way to suppress free speech, a basic human right that is protected in many other countries. The police told me that they had tried to get this website shut down, but had failed to do so. However, they can still resort to intimidation by arresting and charging me in the United Kingdom.

In my opinion the only “fear” that Norton Peskett feel is the fear that I am warning so many of their potential future customers that they are finding it increasingly difficult to find more victims. They are concerned that this may adversely affect their profits. Norton Peskett's reaction is to attempt to use force, intimidation and indeed brutality upon me, their own client, to bully me into silence. The police have told me that they will place an “All Ports Watch” upon me. This will result in my arrest any time I attempt to enter or leave the United Kingdom by air, sea, or rail. I am amazed that such heavy duty methods will be used to intimidate one frail old man whose only “crime” is publishing a criticism of the service provided by Norton Peskett. I am the one feeling the fear. I am treated like a major criminal. I am the victim of harassment by the organized forces of a nation state. And why is so much police attention, and so much tax payer's money, brought to bear on me? Norton Peskett have used their political clout, their connections with the local elite, to hurt their own client. They have never to my knowledge used their influence for the benefit of any of their clients.

By making these criminal complaints Norton Peskett have made it a criminal offence for me to contact them. Thus they have shut down any discussion. They have clearly demonstrated that they have no interest in addressing this situation in any sensible manner. I also ask the police why they do not charge Norton Peskett with harassing me? Harassment is essentially defined as a repetition of unwanted and unpleasant actions. How many times must Norton Peskett enter my home against my wishes and remove and destroy my most cherished possessions over my screams of protest before it becomes harassment? How many times must Norton Peskett sell my property against my wishes, and do criminal damage to my home before it becomes harassment? How many times must Norton Peskett's agents threaten me in my own home with a German Shepard dog before it becomes harassment? Norton Peskett's employees and agents have harassed me in excess of 1000 times over a period of many years. Why are they not charged under PHA1997? Why are some more equal than others?

Suffolk Constabulary's motto is: “Taking Pride in Keeping Suffolk Safe”. If you live in Suffolk do you feel safer knowing that the police will be throwing a broken old man in prison for the convenience of Norton Peskett? The police suggested to me that I should stop publishing my experiences because it will result in more pain and damage to me, yet do little damage to Norton Peskett. They are correct in this part of their analysis. Because of the situation forced upon me I am in intense agony 24 hours a day every day. I can barely resist the temptation to end my life. The police can and will cause me more pain. I have suffered life shattering damage and lost almost all of my possessions. The police can and will cause me more damage. And all to prevent Norton Peskett losing a tiny fraction of their revenue as a result of some of their potential victims being warned in time. Does this make Suffolk safer for the law abiding citizens? Or does it make it easier for predators to hurt more uninformed victims? Is the world a safer place when predators, rip off artists, incompetent professionals, and other fraudsters, can continue to find new victims because their previous victims are too afraid to speak out and warn others? Should the Police, paid for by the Tax Payers, use force and intimidation to frighten the public into silence? Does it make any sense to accept that the largest law firm in town is put in fear by a frail old man allegedly sending postcards recommending this website?

A proper analysis of this situation is that I am the true victim, and Norton Peskett are the true offenders. They have deliberately caused life shattering injuries to their own client. They have broken me. They have destroyed my life beyond repair. Paul Robeson Quote They have subjected me to severe psychological torture. They have taken me to a point that I have no wish to go on living. Now my screams of agony on the Internet are embarrassing to them, and so the police must silence me for the protection and convenience of the thugs that did this to me.

As you read this website please try to understand the enormous personal cost that I must pay to continue to publish my experiences with Norton Peskett. Either I face a string of multiple long prison sentences in the United Kingdom, or else I must leave the land of my birth and never return, to live out the rest of my life in exile, in order to publish a truthful factual account of what these thugs have done to me. If you want to help, to make the future safer for yourselves and your families, then please speak out in support of free speech. Please write to your George Washington Quote MPs and ask that the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 be trimmed back to its original intended purpose, or even repealed completely. Ask your MP to enact laws to protect free speech in the United Kingdom. And please tell as many people as possible using social media or by any other method. If you allow your freedoms to be taken from you by your silence and your inaction now you will find it much more difficult to ever regain them again.

I also ask that any reporters working for established news organizations monitor this ongoing situation and report on any developments. My arrest, trial and subsequent imprisonment is a legitimate news story. The use of PHA1997 to suppress free speech in the United Kingdom is a legitimate news story. The Draconian methods and the waste of taxpayer money to intimidate a frail old man is a legitimate news story. Any reference to my website will of course promote my cause, and thus be most welcome.

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