Who are Norton Peskett Solicitors?

Norton Peskett are the largest law firm in East Anglia. They have grown quickly by taking on way more customers than they can possibly service, and by providing hopelessly inadequate service, and in many cases by outright cheating their clients.

Lowestoft 148 London Road North
NR32 1HF
T: 01502 533000
Beccles Exchange Square
NR34 9HP
T: 01502 718700
Gorleston 66a Bells Road
NR31 6AF
T: 01493 652204
Great Yarmouth 141 King Street 
NR30 2PQ
T: 01493 849200
Halesworth 52 Thoroughfare
IP19 8AR
T: 01986 872513

Norton Peskett claims to have expertise in many areas of law:

Practice Areas
Commercial Property House Buying and Selling Corporate, Commercial and Partnership
Family, Divorce and Children Employment Wills, Powers of Attorney and Estates
Criminal Licensing Personal Injury Claims
Planning Civil Claims Notarial Services

A question that often shows up in web based queries is: “Who owns Norton Peskett”. Well, the firm is owned by equity partners. In addition, there is a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who oversees routine business administration, but has no ownership stake in the firm.

Partners and Senior Staff
Bob Bryant
(Chief Executive)
James Hartley
Julian Gibbons
Robert Barley
Steven Knight
Alex Stephenson
Lisa Simonsen
Annette Collen
Kevin Dobson

There are many other “Fee Earners”. Some of them are Solicitors, some are Legal Executives, some are “Assistants”. They do not have an equity stake in the firm. Then of course there are many other support staff employees, such as secretaries and receptionists.

Remaining Fee Earners
Nicholas Ambrose Jo Bagshaw Helen Barnes
Michelle Bean Tracey Beare Emma Boyce
Matthew Breeze Adrian Buck Carla Butcher
Kelly Church Sophie Cooper Claire Edgeler
Claire Fox Lynne Fulcher Viv Garner
Paul Gregory Leanne Griffen Annette Hall
Pam Hugill Emma Jones Tracey Jordan
Debbie Leech Jo Long Brenda Martin
Nicola Mason Teresa Mason Paul O'Flaherty
Emma Russell Sally Salmon Mandy Sillett
Peter Spary Christine Stephenson Richard Stone
Emma Trick Lena Vicente Linda Ward
Natalie Ward Susan Ward Andrew Wardle
Maria Waters David Watson

Many of Norton Peskett's former clients have contacted me and told me of the terrible treatment they received. One recurring comment that I hear so often from these victims is: “But they had such a good reputation”. It is almost as if Norton Peskett's victims are blaming themselves for being duped for so long, or taken for so much money. They are trying to understand how they could have allowed that to happen. But the victims should not blame themselves, they were cheated by experts. So, why does Norton Peskett have such a good reputation? Partly it is because they are the biggest law firm in the area. People just seem to assume that the biggest, most glossy company, must be the best. Another reason is image management: Norton Peskett have hired H2CreativeMedia, a media consulting and image management firm, to manipulate the public's perception. Yet another spin doctor hired by Norton Peskett is “thebestoflowestoft”. This is one of the family of “thebestof” websites that cover many geographical locations in the United Kingdom and overseas. They are well known for their dishonest practices. This firm is an advertising and reputation management company that masquerades as a review site. But in reality this site will never allow bad reviews to be published for it's clients. The reviews published on “thebestoflowestoft” are fake, written by their own staff. The Advertising Standards Authority have investigated this organization, and determined it to be in violation of advertising standards and willfully misleading the public. Norton Peskett have bragged on their own website about visits from “thebestoflowestoft”. Thus Norton Peskett cannot deny being in collusion with this firm. Norton Peskett has willfully engaged the services of this fake review writing service. Hopefully my website will go some way to refute the manipulative message being broadcast by those Spin Doctors.

Who are Quality Solicitors?

Recently Norton Peskett have changed the branding of their company, and the look and feel of their website, to present themselves as part of the “Quality Solicitors” chain. This is a losely structured alliance of around 170 law firms with about 400 branches. The retailer WHSmith has reached an agreemment under which QualitySolicitors would place representatives in up to 500 of its branches. Each individual law firm that joins the “Quality Solicitors” franchise continues to function just as it did prior to joining. The same staff work from the same offices, and continue to do business as usual. There is no pooling of expertise or resources. It is purely a marketing alliance. The only effect of joining “Quality Solicitors” is in the marketing of the firm: The firm now projects the image of being part of a much larger national chain. Potential customers see a unified branding nationally, and are thus led to believe that they are doing business with a single large firm. Customers seem to think that bigger means better, and so are more likely to do business with what is now perceived to be the biggest law firm in the country. Indeed, the alliance has recently extended to the USA, with the California-based online legal services provider “LegalZoom” joining the brand in order to offer online legal services in the United Kingdom. In 2012 “Quality Solicitors” launched a £15 million television advertising campaign, the largest ever by a UK-based legal services provider. Their focus is on heavy duty marketing, spin doctoring by experts on a massive scale.

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