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Norton Peskett have grown to become the largest law firm in the region. But they have done so to the detriment of their clients. They have deplorable ethical standards. They have invented fictional former clients, and made up phoney testimonials from these fake former clients. They have published these fake testimonials on their own website, and on numerous other review sites on the Web. Do you think it is ethical for a law firm to behave in this way? Are they not officers of the Court? Or just another dishonest service business?

So who are they lying to? To their Potential Future Customers! Are you a Potential Future Customer of Norton Peskett; if so they are lying to you. If they would lie to you now to get your business, should you trust them to behave honestly and honourably towards you after you become their customer? Will they behave ethically towards you after they have your assets held hostage, when the cost and inconvenience of firing them is so much greater? You decide.


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